Meet mynditude®, your new tailor…

Our programs can be tailor-made to fit the exact needs of your organization.

It’s more than an approach, it’s a philosophy that comes from our original belief in the real meaning of partnering in learning and development rather than a pre-packaged off-the-shelf solution.

Our toolbox is ever-growing. The tools we have are adaptable to all levels. The tools we don’t have we develop, or bring along the relevant experts to make for a wholesome experience.

Sometimes, we create a program and its material from scratch based on your context and brief.

Other times, we replay an event with novel implementation and details adapted intrinsically to the brief.

Even while delivering our signature programs… our material stays the same,
but we always adapt to fit your story, context and brief.

We are obsessed with digging deeper to understand your organization
and needs.


Context: the company’s recent history, team history, current market situation, cultural and geographic spread of team members and departments, recent results, morale, strengths, general pain areas… anything else we should know?

Brief: your corporation’s specific needs from the programs that have sparked your interest- What are your immediate as well as long-term objectives? Which pain area or specific opportunity are you looking to address this time around?

mynditude® interpretation: how we understand you and your needs and their relevance to our areas of expertise.

Tools needed: identifying the needed tools to deliver on the objectives. 

Proposal: a detailed document with the understanding and how we can help, a preliminary timeline, and a calculated investment.

Partner feedback: co-creating and co-working with you and your team to design something completely relevant.

Content development: back to our toolbox, we create or develop what is missing and needed for the delivery and sustainability of the program.

Delivery: mynditude®’s forte- our delivery is participatory and facilitative, engaging, fun and definitely thought-provoking.

Feedback and follow up: we nurture the ties through your feedback and
follow-up calls.