business partnering

Collaboration has been advocated for so long, but what does it practically mean beyond the “We” vs. “Me”? 

The current VUCA world is making “internal and external partnering” more crucial for the sustainability and competitiveness of any organization that is looking to grow beyond sporadic and occasional individual initiatives. 

Business Partnering doesn’t stop at merely advocating the “why’s” of collaboration. It covers the fundamental belief system of internal and external agents and consultants, it lays out and trains on the skills needed as well as the process and tools.

internal and external partnering

Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Business partnering is an attitude, and not a position

  • Become an internal consultant of the company

  • All functions in the company (not only HR, IT, Finance) are business partners to each other

  • Learn the main underlying mindset of being a true partner to workmates

  • Practice the specific skills and process of business partnering & internal consultancy

Covered Discussions:

  • The 3 mindset pillars:

    • Yes And… Instead of Yes But

    • Everybody is Right…. Partially

    • There is Always a Better Way… Find It

  • The 6 Skills:

    • Dig Deeper

    • Listen

    • Manage Self

    • Visualize

    • Tailor

    • Advocate

  • The Process: a step by step approach


Typically, 2-day workshop

Delivered also as a program of 2-day workshop + 1 day follow up


  • Junior to middle level, all functions

  • Up to 15 participants per workshop