MEEting facilitation

Why bring in an external facilitator?

  • Objective leadership of the discussions

  • Conflict encouragement and management

  • Eliminate a burden so that thinking is focused on the subject matter

  • Process, preparation, and results

  • The right quality questions, and sometimes the hard questions, at the right time

  • Safety environment and full participation from everybody

  • Time and energy management

  • Innovation in approach

A strategic meeting is largely determined by what happens before and after. So, we are not only involved during the actual event; we make sure we co-set the general purpose and the tangible objectives to start with. Then, we rehearse with and coach the key participants and presenters of the event, to make sure the language is unified, and the individuals are prepared. Accordingly, we co-design the day, the space, and the agenda.

Since no two meetings are the same, we employ and create new techniques and tools to achieve the preset meeting objectives.

Examples of facilitation subjects:

  • Visioning and strategic planning

  • Kick-off meetings

  • Team building and alignment

  • Ideation and design thinking
    for innovation

  • Town halls

  • Route-to-market improvement

  • …