1-on-1 business coaching

A recent wave of neo-coaching approaches has stripped ‘coaching’ of its real meaning. mynditude® brings along deep, long-term, objective-led and characteristically non-directional 1-on-1 executive coaching through cooperative argumentation to activate critical reflection. 

One of the main challenges that persists today, is focus. Priorities have succumbed to distraction, and we have developed an insatiable longing for personalized, individual, focus: to bring about clarity in awareness, achievement, vitality, and accomplishment.

mynditude®’s one-on-one coaching brings back a much-needed focus to individual goals, challenges and aspirations through a deep-structured journey for individuals with untapped potential and a readiness for challenge. 

“What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” 

Coaching does not assume a soft approach. Its rigorous methodology brings the mind out of the thought processes of the comfort zone to find inner drive to move forward.

Remember, change will not happen overnight; none of our coaches are miracle workers, and our magic wands are still no more than wooden sticks. 

There is no predetermined agenda for a coaching partnership. However, each coach-ee (whom we call “player”), along with the coach, and the sponsoring company (if any), will articulate objectives and desired outcomes early on throughout his/her journey.

A Fortune 500 company found that favorable productivity (+60%) and employee satisfaction (+53%) were most pointedly influenced by coaching. Overall, the study covering the business benefits and ROI for coaching provided that process produced an astonishing 788 % ROI.


  • Unparalleled individualized attention to the individual’s strengths,
    needs and actions

  • One-on-one partnership and a laser-focused challenge 

  • Better focus and greater drive toward preset achievement 

  • Tools to overcome self-limiting beliefs and external obstacles

  • A boost in skills, competences, and confidence


100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies in one study proved an average ROI to be 5.7 times the initial investment in a characteristic coaching assignment.

- Training and Development Journal

- Training and Development Journal