THOMAS, Design thinking

People are all born equal in creativity; they either hone their skill to decipher their creative process, or they dwell thinking they will lead a life of implementing someone else’s idea. 

There is an increasing need for creativity in the workplace, and mynditude®
has embarked on a delightful journey to explore innovation as a subject.

The research findings were phenomenal and very encouraging.

Thomas, Design Thinking workshop is another practical experience that challenges, and finally refutes the idea that creativity is an innate skill given to a select few; to then guide individuals and organizations to becoming more innovative, in a practical sense.

The research findings were phenomenal and very encouraging.

Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Open the mind to the possibilities around us

  • Get more resourceful, taking advantage of whatever limited resources we have

  • Realize that we all have the ability to create innovative solutions

  • See the world with a new eye

  • Experience the mindset, the methodology and the tools to achieve that

Covered Discussions:

  • Design thinking is not for designers only

  • The different schools of design thinking

  • The main secret to becoming more innovative

  • Application on existing problems and opportunities


Typically, a 3-day workshop that takes place in and out of the classroom

Delivered also:

  • 2-day workshop (only in classroom)

  • 6-day program over 2 or 3 modules


  • All levels & all functions, with different objectives for different levels

  • Up to 12 participants per workshop