Industry: Medical Devices              
Context: Kick-off Meeting, 150 people     
Location: Gardaka, Egypt

Brief: present the business updates in a new non-boring slide presentation way

The Event

An on-stage panel-like discussion with groups of managers debating, in front of a bid audience, the past year achievements & difficulties and the following year’s plans, challenges & limitations.

mynditude’s intervention started 1 month before the event, drafting the questions and preparing the managers
for the on-stage appearance and conversations.

Industry: Pharmaceutical    
Context: Launching New Corporate Values, 60 people 
Location: Athens, Greece

Brief: an engaging & memorable day to go beyond mere launching of the values to living the values from day 1

The Event

We used acting. The end-of-day objective was for 5 teams to create 5 different plays.

To prepare the participants for that, we brought in 3 coaches from around the world, to run 3 separate 45-minute workshops: Storytelling, Performance Acting & Musical Sounds. Participants rotated in sub-groups to learn the 3 skills. Then, they were put in 5 teams, handing them the 5 new values, and they were asked to create, each, a play around the value: creating stories, acting, playing music and making up costumes.

The result was out of this world fun and very high relevance and memorability.

Industry: Medical Solutions                       
Context: General Team Building, 35 People       
Location: Bab El Chams, UAE

Brief: a 1.5 day event to bring people closer through understanding each and increasing team awareness

The Event

The event used a combination of 2 tools: Insights® Discovery and the LEGO® Serious Play®.

The LEGO® part is a tool designed for corporations. Highly engaging, playful, easy to follow and a great way to open-up to each other. Participants first remembered how to build basic model, how to use metaphors and how to tell stories using 3D models. The great advantage of the tool was that it was surprising, very simple and natural.


Industry: FMCG                      
Context: An Internal Partnering Program 
Location: Several Offices, Middle East

Brief: to support a collaborative approach and culture, the idea was to create a developmental training program to equip people with the attitude and skills of internal consultants

The Program:

A whole new approach and a tailor-made model was created. It included the fundamentals, basic skills and the process of internal consultants, and was named “Business Partnering”. The idea was to extrapolate the experience of HR, Finance and IT to all departments of the company, since all the departments are becoming more and more like partners, especially with the matrix organization structure. The program was delivered to all the organization’s offices in the region, then became the base of mynditude’s signature program with the same name.

Industry: Automotive                       
Context: A Leadership Program / 180 Managers
Location: Dubai, UAE

Brief: to create a multi-module leadership curriculum to support all the managerial levels of the organizations.

The Program:

All managers went through a foundational module about Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness using the MBTI® tool, then two routes were created for two levels of managers. They were a set of 2-day workshops about Management Fundamentals, Coaching Fundamentals, Situational Leadership and Influential Impact. The program was designed to e delivered over a period of 2 years for more than 180 managers.

Industry: FMCG                      
Context: Middle East Graduate Training Program / In Batches          
Location: Dubai, UAE

Brief: to create a multi-module curriculum to support the recruits of a 2-year graduate program

The Program:

A 4-module program was designed in close relation to the organization’s core ideology and values, covering several topics. The program has been delivered to several batches over the last 4 years. Topics include: Awareness, Project Management, Self-Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, Negotiation, Networking, Listening… etc.

Industry: FMCG          
Context: Strategy Execution Workshop / 30 Executives 
Location: Amman, Jordan

Brief: To deliver a workshop that combines coaching with strategy execution, using specifically the ideas in a certain “strategy execution” book that they
believed in

The Program:

mynditude researched the book and combined with its own coaching model to create a special methodology called “The 7 Derailers of Strategy Execution”. The workshop was delivered over 2 days and the methodology is still used in the organization 2 years after the workshop.

Industry: Pharmaceutical    
Context: Teamwork & Communication Under Matrix Organization    
Location: Madrid, Spain

Brief: A certain business unit was growing very fast in sales turnover and in number of people, and a discussion had to be made to agree on ways of communication and prioritizing the big picture rather than the silos

The Event:

A brand-new simulation was created and was called “An Afternoon at the Theme Park”. We divided the team into 3 groups, where each had to build an actual ride that functions electronically. All the tools were given to them, along with myndies (game money) and instructions. The big picture result was to create a harmonized theme park that ran on the same power source, had the same design and that could fit on the same land plot. At the same time, the teams were competing to win the “best ride” award. So, the game simulated exactly what they go through at work, where they would positively compete to be the best, but at the same time, if the overall result was not achieved, everybody loses. They had a limited way of communication between them: 2 face to face meetings, 4 emails and walkie-talkies.

meeting facilitation

Industry: Medical Devices              
Context: MEACAT Strategy Brainstorm,
120 people        
Location: Faraya, Lebanon

Brief: with the POWER OF ONE theme, the 2-day meeting should discuss the needed changes for the following year, and the environment to be fun at the same time

The Event:

We designed a strategic brainstorm meeting using the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology, with subgroups of functions and countries. At the same time, MegaDanz was used in parallel and at intervals during the 2 days, as a way of fun with a purpose. The teams followed the same strategic methodology used for the business brainstorm, to design choreographies and compete in dancing. The 120 participants who were skeptical at the start, wouldn’t stop dancing at the end.

Industry: Pharmaceutical    
Context: Celebrate & Brainstorm Employee Survey Results    
Location: Leiden, Holland

Brief: further to the encouraging employee survey results, this organization decided they want to share and celebrate the good news, and at the same time brainstorm ways to tackle the areas of improvements

The Event:

To tackle the brief in the most engaging way possible, we turned it into a game to start with. So, we used “Mentimeter”, which is an online voting tool, where all the participants logged in and answered a funny and challenging trivia about the results of the survey. After this first awareness part, we grouped the team into 4, and each brainstormed an area of improvement mentioned in the survey, before wrapping the day up through sharing the ideas and a plan forward to be tackled by the leadership team and HR.

Industry: Tobacco                 
Context: Route to Market
Strategy Meeting                    
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Brief: the organization had decided to change the route to market strategy, and wanted to engage the whole organization in drafting the new way. So, mynditude was asked to facilitate the process.

The Meeting:

Over 3 days, mynditude engaged with the 30 team members to first understand the status-quo and then brainstorm different ideas of change, with its challenges and opportunities. The meeting ended with a clear action plan. The role of mynditude was not as a consultant but as a meeting facilitation only, where the minds had to be open and at ease with the process.