Team Osmosis® is not a training workshop. It is a real journey that concretely breaks silos, increases trust, and induces open productive engagement, from all individual parties moving towards becoming one, agile, result-oriented element.

Never have two Team Osmosis® programs played out the same. Preparation and discussion topics are 100% based on the realities, challenges and opportunities of the specific team, company, industry and geographical positioning at hand - and the developed action plan forward, is always unique.

Banter, sift and stir toward team agility

Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Dig deep into what’s really going on in the team

  • Face the issues the team is currently facing

  • Increase trust, personally and professionally

  • Agree on qualitative team goals

  • Put a plan and milestones to achieve the goals

  • Have individual and team commitments forward

Covered Discussions:

  • Practically going through discussions to increase trust

  • Dissect conflicts in the team, and talk about ways to take advantage of conflicts

  • A lot of cross-feedback

  • Leader assimilation questions

  • Tackle the “Intention-Impact” gap

  • The Elephant in the Room


Typically includes:

  • Pre: calls with each participant to set tailor made objects, team survey… etc.

  • Retreat: a 2-day workshop

  • Post: a 1-day follow up workshop after 12 weeks, and team survey

Delivered also:

  • Same as above but without a follow up day

  • Same as above and with extra post-retreat 1-on-1 coaching


  • Intact teams, including the leader

  • A leadership team (GM + Heads) or full department (Head + Members)