Humans have a love affair with stories. Whether we like it or not, we buy stories rather than products, ideas and services.

There is a rising awareness of the effect of storytelling in the corporate world, especially in influencing, leading and selling.

mynditude® has developed the Storyfication® workshop aiming to make way for the storyteller within each one of us, to solidify its impact across sales, leadership, management and more.

Storyfication® takes communication to a whole new level.

The shortest distance between two people is a story.
— Patty Digh

Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Harness a new way to be an aspiring and inspiring leader

  • Develop a skill of influencing, convincing and motivating

  • Get your ideas through, using stories

  • Sell your product or service

Covered Discussions:

  • The case for stories in business

  • From stories to purposeful stories

  • How to storify?

  • When and in which context to storify?

  • mynditude’s Story Bank (participants receive an inventory of stories to keep and tell)

  • Your story bank (participants develop their own true stories)

  • Forward: how to identify stories and use them more?


Typically, a 1-day workshop

Delivered also:

  • 2-day workshop for a deeper dive

  • ½ day session for an awareness fun size


  • All levels, with different objectives for different levels

  • Up to 12 participants per workshop