fit for business

Fit for Business® is a different workshop altogether. Participants go on an exceptional 2-day journey, where the individual is set at the center. 

This experience is filled with active reflection, discussion, fun, laughter, exercise, dance, team bonding, personal planning, commitment and quite a few light bulbs.

The workshop tackles four dimensions of personal energy: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

...physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Objectives & Takeaways:

  • The workshop focuses on the person, not the employee

  • Helps people realize that achieving their goals need small efforts

  • Rings people alarm to wake up and live truly

  • Fitness is not only physical

Covered Discussions:

  • People come with their sports clothes on, we exercise during the workshop

  • A way to exercise with little time, no space and zero equipment

  • Participants receive a full body scan including Fat and Muscle breakdown, pulse, glucose level, height, weight and individualized ideal levels

  • Mental reflection on what stresses “you” out

  • Breathing exercises

  • Emotional coaching through Clown Therapy

  • Spiritual discussion through connecting to personal values

  • The mynditude team includes: mental coach, spiritual coach, physical coaches, clown therapist, clinical dietitian


Typically, 2-day workshop with a follow up in the office 60 days after


  • Everybody

  • Up to 30 participants per workshop