Industry: FMCG          
Context: Strategy Execution Workshop / 30 Executives  Location: Amman, Jordan

Brief: To deliver a workshop that combines coaching with strategy execution, using specifically
the ideas in a certain “strategy execution” book that they
believed in

The Program:

mynditude researched the book and combined with its own coaching model to create a special methodology called “The 7 Derailers of Strategy Execution”. The workshop was delivered over 2 days and the methodology is still used in the organization 2 years after the workshop.

Industry: Pharmaceutical     Context: Teamwork & Communication Under Matrix Organization    
Location: Madrid, Spain

Brief: A certain business unit was growing very fast in sales turnover and in number of people, and a discussion had to be made to agree on ways of communication and prioritizing the big picture rather than the silos

The Event:

A brand-new simulation was created and was called “An Afternoon at the Theme Park”. We divided the team into 3 groups, where each had to build an actual ride that functions electronically. All the tools were given to them, along with myndies (game money) and instructions. The big picture result was to create a harmonized theme park that ran on the same power source, had the same design and that could fit on the same land plot. At the same time, the teams were competing to win the “best ride” award. So, the game simulated exactly what they go through at work, where they would positively compete to be the best, but at the same time, if the overall result was not achieved, everybody loses. They had a limited way of communication between them: 2 face to face meetings, 4 emails and walkie-talkies.



Industry: Medical Devices               Context: MEACAT Strategy Brainstorm, 120 people         Location: Faraya, Lebanon

Brief: with the POWER OF ONE theme, the 2-day meeting should discuss the needed changes for the following year, and the environment to be fun at the same time

The Event:

We designed a strategic brainstorm meeting using the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology, with subgroups of functions and countries. At the same time, MegaDanz was used in parallel and at intervals during the 2 days, as a way of fun with a purpose. The teams followed the same strategic methodology used for the business brainstorm, to design choreographies and compete in dancing. The 120 participants who were skeptical at the start, wouldn’t stop dancing at the end.