Industry: Advertising & Communication  
Context: Feedback Training            Location: MENA

Brief: Along with the launch of a new automated performance management system, the agency wanted to prepare all its MENA population for a new era of giving and receiving feedback culture

The Program:

We called it the GIFT (Giving Intentional Feedback Technique). The half-day workshop was designed to be very agile and swiftly delivered for groups that ranged between 10 & 25 people at a time. The focus was on giving and, as much, on receiving feedback. It was delivered in every single office of the agency’s network: KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan.

Industry: NGO            
Context: Coaching Skills in Arabic for Civil Society Organizations      Location: Erbil, Iraq

Brief: As part of a 3-year program to prepare civil society organizations in Iraq to partner with the local societies, mynditude was asked to prepare and deliver a series of coaching skills workshops in Arabic

The Program:

The first challenge was to change our coaching material to better fit the context of civil societies rather than the corporate world. Then, all the material had to be translated to Arabic. After that, we delivered 12 successful 3-day workshops that included different organizations.

Industry: FMCG                       Context: Tailor-Made Coaching Skills Program  
Location: Jeddah, KSA

Brief: This organization liked our signature Delegate The Thinking Coaching Program, but needed some adaptation to go along with it, in order to fit specifically its culture and performance review system.

The Program:

… and that’s exactly what happened. The adapted program ran through a period of 6 months with 3 modules and individual coaching sessions for every participant. The feedback was very positive right after the program, but phenomenal 6 months after, which is the more important feedback.