The Magic of a Rollercoaster Life

In a Rollercoaster ride, some people close their eyes while others keep them open. Huge Difference!
— mynditude

I just finished watching the wonderful “Aladdin” movie. As the story was unfolding at the beginning, I started liking the characters and was dreading the inevitable moment in movies when something must go wrong.

I was so glad riding the happy build up, because it took me away from some life hurdles am currently battling with... that I thought to myself “I wish that the movie keeps the happy-go-lucky feeling all the way, as I needed the positive boost”.

Obviously, my wish was not granted. The movie took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and thoughts, running up and down from excited at one point to disappointed at another... hopeful and proud then angry and let down... triumphant then broken... scared and doubtful then accomplished.

By the end of it, I had laughed and cried... but most importantly I felt alive, inspired and thankful that my wish was not granted.

Can you imagine a movie without a rollercoaster ride? It doesn’t matter how good the acting is, the movie will be boring, worthless and unmoving.

Now can you imagine a life without a rollercoaster? Yes, it’s the same. It doesn’t matter how comfortable it is, the life ride will be purposeless, uninspired and tasteless.

That was my wake up call and my reminder to embrace the challenges am currently facing... as they will soon be my biggest pride!

Embrace your challenges... it is the only way worth living!

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Amr Habbal